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The-EXP's News

Posted by The-EXP - August 27th, 2008

Yo Yo B-Ball Snakes.
I've just had released a promotional flash game me and The Swain did for EA's soon to be released Mercenaries 2 for 360 and PS3, . It's defintiely above and beyond your usual crummy promo flash game. Theres 4 unique levels and stuff to earn and enemies to 'splode!
http://www.pandemicstudios.com/mercena ries/index.php
play it here, and if I'm not mistaken it'll be hitting Newgrounds soonish -- so play it twice!

Also, chickity check this before you wriggity wreck...this.
My main man Chris Ignatov has released an episode of his gaming history series Take Two.
This is the first "proper" episode after a pilot and it's tres interesting if you want to learn about early Nintendo in an easy to digest way!

Also, I'm hard at work on a brand new original puzzle platformer idea - be ready to have your minds blown with all kinds of fun!

This has been a special report courtesy of Antony Lavelle.

Posted by The-EXP - August 17th, 2008

I wonder when Newgrounds is going to announce last months winners?
I don't think its ever got to the 17th of the next month before the announcement, but I guess it's also a hectic month with Castle Crashers/Pax etc.

Posted by The-EXP - June 1st, 2008

Just kidding, congrats Adam and Neg1

Edit: And how could I forget Luis and Maestrorage, congrats too!

Posted by The-EXP - May 5th, 2008



And I've just submitted a game to the Portal, go enjoy!

Posted by The-EXP - April 19th, 2008

Like MTV Cribs, but for people we give a poop about.
Like, who wouldn't want a quick guided video tour of how the stars live?
I think it would be cool to see around Tom's Mansion, Adam Phillips' Love Pad***, or Luis' Cardboard box.

What say you. WHAT SAY YOU!?

*** Complete with spinning love bed.

Posted by The-EXP - April 8th, 2008

I'm actually more excited about being considered of similar standard by the mainstream as our NG heroes Luis,Bomtoons and co(aly). than actually being on Fox :p

I'm sure the CCTB guys share my glee at such a hot girl drooling over my work, and also shares my skepticism that she's ever actually played it :p.
Nonetheless, you can find the link at ArmorBlog as well as details of some other mainstream coverage I'm happy to have this month.
To everyone who's parents ever told them they're wasting their time in Flash - We're all entering a very exciting time right now.

Also, as I think he deserves a plug for a genuinely funny games related blog, heres a link to my friend Joel's blogspot, he's the guy who co-concepted the original IndestructoTank.

Posted by The-EXP - February 19th, 2008

Hi everyone, first of, thanks again for the great feedback from SHIFT here at NG.
As for SHIFT2 I have released the level editor on the blog post link below


Read for more details on how you can help out with the development of SHIFT 2 and maybe earn some money for it too :D

Posted by The-EXP - February 6th, 2008

Hi everyone, First of all THANKS to everyone who helped SHIFT rank NUMBER 1 ON NEWGROUNDS!
I Don't think I have to explain to any developers out there what an absolute dream come true that is. When I started flash those years ago, if you were to tell me I'd have that coveted #1 on one of my submissions I would have shown you the door.
I know of course, that nothing stays at the top forever, and the top 50 list can be a fickle place of downvoting etc, but I'm eternally happy now I've got my printscreened self made souvenir which I
shall be promptly printing out and hanging on my wall along with my handful of other NG certificates and laminated Newgrounds check (Mr. Fulps signature and note stating "Well done" Is worth way more than $250 :D*)
I'd like to thank Chris Ignatov for once again doing a great job on the graphics of SHIFT.
I would also like to thank Armor Games for employing me to do what I love, my life has been forever changed by their kindness, and theyre all a great bunch of guys.
As for the future, I'm currently working on a level editor for SHIFT so everyone can make their own puzzles in it and maybe get them included in the sequel. I'll be releasing more details soon.
*As for those of you thinking that my not spending the money awarded to me by Newgrounds is ungrateful, and means that someone else has gone without because of it, I would hereby like to declare that i will forward the $250 from my own bank account to a game author in the next month with a submission which really catches my eye innovation wise. I would like to assert that NG score will have nothing to do with the choice I make, but no doubt that a great game will score well anyway. I would ask that if you want to be considered for this offer, post a link to your submission as a reply to this post so I may find it easily.

Thankyou so so much Newgrounds,
Antony of The-Exp, and Armor Games


Posted by The-EXP - January 8th, 2008

Hi everyone, just thought I'd let ou all know that my latest game (one set in the IndestructoTank universe) is currently on Armor Games
The game is to be released here on Newgrounds tommorrow (wednesday 9th) so it'd be great if you could give it some testing time before general NG release.
Hope you have fun, and comments appreciated (especially bug reports :p)
-Tony of The-Exp

Posted by The-EXP - December 11th, 2007

Hey everyone, first off I'd like to thank everyone who voted in the Monthly Newgrounds votes for Indestruc2Tank and helped it earn first place in the Games Catagory :D
Secondly a few weeks back I announced a mini conest for Level design in my game Cattlepult - I'd like to say thanks for all of the entries, as most were truly excellent puzzles - but I've picked a Winner for the $100 - His name is Dylan Shanahan, and I'll be emailing him later to get his Paypal details. If you want to drop him a congrats, just incase he doesn't see this post, his UserName is tiger515220022.

I'd like to givea big thanks to Armor Games for providing the money and all the users who got involved. I'll be releasing the players pack for Cattlepult in a few days so you can play through the best levels that were submitted to the contest. Its always nice to get the users involved, So I'm glad so many of you responded well.

Antony Lavelle, of The-Exp