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Comments (21)

SHIFT is one of the best online games I've ever seen. Nicely DONE!!

Where's that women SHIFT person from?

It's from SHIFT 2 :D

It's one of the most creative platformers I've ever played for sure. Nicely done =D

"Mr. Fulps signature and note stating "Well done" Is worth way more than $250"
Fulp Bank Fraud Time =D

Nice work although it sucks you sold your soul to AG.

Armor are some of the nicest people I've ever spoken to and a pleasure to work with, my soul is very much happy there :p

heh good job... and still a good fan

i hope the sequel wont ruin the game
it happens a lot...
good luck!
and please make game tuts I'm desperate to make games...

it won't, unless you ruin it in the level editor :p

you seem nice. :) congrats, it was an amazing game.

Hmm...right now your not even on the top 50? Can I see that screeny.

Shift was a great game, btw, I loved how you could switch the screen, it was original, and it was just awesome, please make a sequel!

Ah, I'm not sure what the update process with the top 50 list is, but I know that the actual ranking is done Wednesdays, I think its at he top of the list now, despite being scored less thatn Valhalla Knights 2 (go watch that, it's teh roxxors) since being at the top. Still, I'm tres tres happy that I attained that posistion :D

Congratulations man, you dream came true :D
SHIFT is awesome, thanks for making that game!

No problem! Our pleasure!
Shift2? MIGAWD!

cool game man umm do you know the fastest time for the game

Congrats, man! #1 of all time on NG is a big deal!

But... you're already developing a sequel? Don't you want to explore something else creatively? Maybe attempt a title under a new genre? Show us what else you're good at? I mean, making a sequel this soon off of a release kinda makes it look like you're out of ideas. :-P What else can you do with your current design other than just make new maps for it. You don't want to be the next "Bloons," do you?

Hehe, don't you worry, the sequel isn't due out next week or anything :p
I'm working on lots of projects simultaneously. I jsut think this game can be expanded greatly.

And what else can I do with the design you say? Just you wait, your mind will be BLOWN :p
That and a level editor - Level editors are the best thing EVAH.

Oh my god!
I can't trust another great game on NG was posted by.. you!
I keep seeing your name on every good games I play like Inderstructo Tank or S.T.A.R. Defense (You might remember me when we talked about a new S.T.A.R. Defense map :P)
Well I simply love your games!
I'm expecting to see more of your great work on NG!!

just so we are clear..
even if shift 2 will be awesome
don't expect an award(weekly first)

I'll try my best not to, sir.

it was a great game but you sorta jacked from portal... o well still 10/10 (btw i played it when it came out)

DAMN where do you get your ideas from? I'd say this and Indestructotank are two of the most innovative games on Newgrounds.

Portal reference = win

i beated it
and i would beat it again.!
good job

What a piece of shift.

Oh, Eric....

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