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The Greatest Flash Keepsake Of All Time.

Posted by The-EXP - November 26th, 2008

That's right. It's so good that every word of the blog title became capitolised.

While At ComicCon this summer, I purchased a blue Castle Crasher figurine, and collected a few signatures from people active in the Flash community.
You can have a little flash tour of the lil guy here.
Castle Crasher Autographs

Signatures currently are

Tom Fulp
Dan Paladin
Dim and Tom of The Super Flash Bros.
EgoRaptor (Who officially announced this as the smallest Metal Gear Awesome sketch he had ever drawn.)
JMTB02 (Who took TWO MONTHS to mail this bad boy back to me after I lent it to him for him to sign. :p)
Daniel Mcneely
Ido Tal of WeCreateStuff (Who made his extra extra small
RubberNinja (Again, officially smallest Farkas sketch ever)
EggfordTheEgg ( I asked him what now, he said THE WORLD)
Bob (although he can't be seen in the tour, because he insisted he should only sign the base of the foot so it couldnt be seen. He makes me has a sad)

I'm not finished with this little guy yet though. At the NG London meetup in January I'm hoping to add Luis and The-Swain as well as a few other Flash authors to the roster. There are others I'd love on there, but I think my chances of meeting them are slim such as Tyler Glaiel and Bomtoons.

After I'm done I'm going to be presenting it to my regular artist nqkoi1 as a Huuge thanks for all the stuff he's done for me.
Then one day if he's ever bored of it, he's hinted at some kind of charity auction for the Childsplay charity. This of course is up to him.

If you saw this little guy up for auction, would you guys bid on it for charity? I wonder if it would make any money for a good cause.

In other news, the game I've just finsihed with Dim of the Super flash bros is on the portal right now. PLAY AND VOTE 5 HERE!!!

Comments (15)

Wow, great effects in the game, and yeah to show off my nerd cred and help a good cause I would make a bid.

Shit, that figurine has passed the line of awesome and is officially the greatest thing ever

One month taken up by your silly post office system.

Seriously. Get some zip codes.

You and your Steel Birds. Only vessel I'd trust my mail to are the great british royal mail galleons. 16 Tonnes of the finest Oak with silken sails and the finest broadside cannons this side of sweden.

Oh hai

pretend i have my pinky next to my mouth...



TentaDrill is the bomb dot com!

I would consider bidding on the figure for charity, but I would rather someone else buy it since I would feel lame buying our own CC figure, despite the names being cool.

Ahh, thanks. You mentioned it sounding douchey to self promote in your last blog post. I think you'd be scraping theacceptable limits when you started bidding on your own product because it had your name on it :p

I grams, how much does that figurine cost - on its own.

How much does it weigh even...

Er, I'm not sure, very little, if you're worried about possible postage fee's ;)

shame on you luis, it's one million

First bid starting at: your soul.Do I hear a soul and a rubber ducky?

Awesome, heh. I almost forgot I signed it!
A charity auction would be cool but I'm not sure an auction would work well on NG with the younger audience...

On a side note though Zombie-Pimp actually created house of 1000 cats, I just did the menu and loader. I can't take credit for something as epic as that, but I sure wish I could :)

Well that still leaves a hefty ammount of awesome submissions of your making then...

Ill give you my sig some time :D

because I am YOUR hero

we'd have to cut out your sig in paper, paste it on as a mask and ip the whole thing in black ink. Then peel back the paper so that the only area of blue on the whole thing was your sig.

hah, i saw you guys actually signin that little dude. i wouldnt sell it, if theres a time to sell it for charity, its now while the iron is hot, not later when people are 'tiring' of it.

man i wish i could goto the london meet.