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Comments (32)

Nice, I really like that game!

cool!!! ill try to make one!

Nice! I mad a pretty kick-ass level! Maybe you guys will see it in the actual game... ;)

Ok, that is nice, but don't become too static. Add something new, it won't be interesting to play this game with nothing new.

Uh, sorry, you actualy do have something new :)

Lol, nice chain letter gag.

Thought I'd put in my comment here for improvement on the main character.
The character is cool, but it needs more life. Can you add more frames for the jumping and falling (rather than just the 2) and also add it so the character hugs the wall when you run into it, rather than the static run.
Oh, and maybe for shift 3, add bigger grid size. I can see the levels getting cluttered on such a small scale.

The graphics are all subject to change, the version of the editor has a preview engine attached to it for testing purposes, so I'm still considering what it will finally look like. I'll definitely take into consideration your idea for wall hugging, but one of the issues is having the character figure out what a wall is, as the whole game is now based on not only an inverted collision system, but also a rotated level collision system too (for the gravity flippers) so it al gets very complex trying to get the little guy to do anything you want without tonnes of tinkering, but i'll give it my best shot.., as for gridsize, it could be increased to slightly more, but 12 by 12 I found to be the best line between complexity and playability. Theres very little you can't do on the 12 by 12. Hope you liked it though.

Wha..! JPI the falling animation is 5 frames you ungreatful little...

Too bad i'm not good with level designing :(

beat it first try....sort of....
not like we EVER COULD!! at the end you just fall in a huge hole, then spike come frome the left and kill you >:(

it was still fun though :)

I can't wait for the second one to come out. I thought the first one was really good. 5/5. Can you pm me when the second one comes out?

Its already out...

"the cc is a lie"

sorry, forgot to put it in my review, nice going matey

In my first play-through I found a bug that got me stuck outside of the game. I took a screenshot of where I was able to shift into the outside boundary.

<a href="http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q114/lambinvoker/bugReport.png">http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q1 14/lambinvoker/bugReport.png</a>

Hey how do you get the trophy at the end becaus eits the last medal i need for the old charecter???

longbdif, the room before the snake room, instead of going through the door, go left, hope that helped

PLEASE tell me there WILL be a sequel to metroid elements PLEASE!

aw dammit! i beat your game and all i can freeking say it


cries in the corner

i will start the car and you get the guns the trophy shall be ours once again lol

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