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Shift 2 on same Fox show as Castle Crashing the beard!

Posted by The-EXP - April 8th, 2008

I'm actually more excited about being considered of similar standard by the mainstream as our NG heroes Luis,Bomtoons and co(aly). than actually being on Fox :p

I'm sure the CCTB guys share my glee at such a hot girl drooling over my work, and also shares my skepticism that she's ever actually played it :p.
Nonetheless, you can find the link at ArmorBlog as well as details of some other mainstream coverage I'm happy to have this month.
To everyone who's parents ever told them they're wasting their time in Flash - We're all entering a very exciting time right now.

Also, as I think he deserves a plug for a genuinely funny games related blog, heres a link to my friend Joel's blogspot, he's the guy who co-concepted the original IndestructoTank.

Comments (13)

Its IndestructoBelty godness!

One more word out of you and I'll cut off the feeding tube.

isn't that because shift 2 is AWESOME

How do you find out what's on Fox anyway?

I was told about it, since it's American TV I wouldn't have known anything about it if not specifically linked to it. Same with PCZone, one of my girlfriends friends told her about it.

I feel happy for you :) can't wait til I'm considered cool.

I think you're cool.
You have a cheesey WiiWord name :p

Congrats on that! It seems everyone's more excited about seeing that girl that anything else though ;)

You Rock Tony and Chris!

"I absolutely LOVE this game" - Fox News Girl

not you again. congrats btw ;)

Thanks, congrats on monthly 1st too CCTB deserved it.
Although if you wanted to give the winnings away you should have totally have added it to the $250 split of Pass my flash.
Not that Drunken masters didn't deserve, it, it was an ace game.

The concept, gameplay, and puzzles in both of the SHIFT games are awesome. You know why you won.

* By the way... When can a third SHIFT be expected? I mean, I'm just wondering, because it doesn't look like it would take much time to make a third one.

That's another great thing about SHIFT -- It's so simple but so fun. =)

When you least expect it :p
I have some nice ideas for Shift 3, if its made, along with tonnes of levels i've been emailed by fans for some kind of players pack included in the 3rd.

Congratulations! That reporter was annoying though, just like everyone else with fake, predicable rhythms to how they speak just because they're promoting things.

The prototype game you had on the blog was pretty cool too.

Look's like i'm quitting skool and spendeing all mi time in flash. Im mean my grammer is already fanasic.

I am currently playing IndestructoTank and this is seriously the most addictive flash game i ever played, i have not played a single flash game more then this, and i have about 6 years of playing flash games at work, 8 hours a day..every day

Any plans on putting scoregamites up on kongregate?