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NG Cribs

Posted by The-EXP - April 19th, 2008

Like MTV Cribs, but for people we give a poop about.
Like, who wouldn't want a quick guided video tour of how the stars live?
I think it would be cool to see around Tom's Mansion, Adam Phillips' Love Pad***, or Luis' Cardboard box.

What say you. WHAT SAY YOU!?

*** Complete with spinning love bed.

Comments (23)

what about MY cardboard box?!?!

That's so cool! I love Cribs, but the NGers average house blows.

I think there could be some interesting points to the way everyone lives. For example, I'm pretty certain JMTB02 rides to work each day on an Armor plated Leopard.

good idea, call luis and tell him to do it while he's at the office this weekend and post the video in his blogggggg.

Precisely, It would be the perfect application for the new embedded videos.

Nice idea, dude... I wish I had a house....

That would be pretty cool...

My room is tiny to begin with, and there's like 5% walkable space.

Luis has a home?

Luis doesn't have a cardboard box: this was on Mythbusters and wasn't even plausible.

Well, since your so famous I'm sure a Mod or Luis might agree with you, but I personally really like the idea. It would be so interesting, I mean ome NGers are very rich and spoiled. (No offense intended)

Maybe, we could also do like NG Pimp my computer. We could fix up people that animate on peices of shit ;D... (sarcasm) it would be kinda fun though. I mean MTV seems to have no problem bumping into the flash community. Did you know they own, addictinggames.com?

wow this is actually a good idea! NG cribs would be awesome!

Luis lives in a microwave oven, which is better because it has a window.

I'd see the NG office.
Everything else is just a house =/

well if people otherrrrr than me do it im game... are you showing up to london this summer exp. i know we have this online rivalry and all but youre fairly decent in person ;)

oh and ill try and give a walkthrough of the office tmrw before i leave... id do it now but its dark and my digital camera has no nightvision...

aaaactually... triple post.

im gonna film my crib at the ng office currently... which is downstairs below the actual office... lmao

Lol, Luis is the scary man in the basement, and sure I'll go to London this year, just give me a time and date and I'll make sure theres nothing at the same time this time.

It can get lonely... Yes, it can get lonely in my mansion.
When all I have are gargoyle friends.

Also, good idea!

Thanks for the hair joke XD. I STILL HAVE 1 EYE D:

The idea would be rather cool.

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