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Very good

Splendid work, great Art, and excellently coded, what kind of hunky male could possibly have helped you with that? Well done, Lucy, I'm proud of you, its a great acheivment for first seriosu flash. xx

morbid-giggle responds:

hunky male....nope...didnt see any of those... saw some nerdy shit though :P (i love you really)


I lvoe games like this, and it really helps you bone up on your touch typing...

omg i rule? i think you mean this GAME rules

this was oh higer quality than a lto of proffessional games of the genre, over the top weapons galore (pink laser was a touch of genius) even on easy it wasn't very easy and on hard it was insane. Well done 10 out of 10, recommended ebayer A+++++

oh my god

i played that until i got 47000, i dont' know if the score submit thigns working properly but that was the most addictive game ever. EVER.. but the pokemon theme wasn't necessary, make it just balls and you coudl sell that idea for millions, nay ! zillions! i'd spend upwards of the £40 people expect for games these days. I can't say enough good things, To bed! even the sound didnt get annoying. Give me babies, my good man, so i may scrunch them up and drop them onto the appropriate coloured block in triumph!

great game

are all the questions randomised? its really challenging! i like this alot as a gam, but like you said, its kiddy

Kick ass

I was planning on a blam...but once i saw how much work must have been put into this...it was pretty amazing...how do you make it look like the weapons are swinging after being picked up...and the ability to throw? its quite amazing i say

mooseproduce responds:

Well, every object was made of 2 invisible circles with an invisible, stretchy line connecting them. So if you grab a weapon by 1 circle and swing it, the line keeps the other circle at the correct distance.

It's more complicated than that, but that's the basics. :)

not bad at all

a little hint just incase anybody gets stuck, the tab key (the one located above capslock) when pressed, shows you what is clickable on screen (it's also helpful on homestarrunner when you gotta find really secret secrets on the SBemails and stuff)

oh yeah, the game... its really amazing... i loved it.

oh...OH,...i see what you're doing!

Phew!...lol...verry clever...and i did have to cheat to complete it... very simple, yey addictive game.

clone, but good

thats an exact flashkit tutorial clone, you did nothing but change the graphics. luckily i'm not the one to bitch at a good idea being used, a 4 vote from me!
keep it up, but if theres a sequal a bit of originality would be good...

scottmale24 responds:

there IS a difference between copying a tutorial and learning from it. if you've seen the tutorial i've learned from, you'd know it only covers one type of enemy, doesn't allow death animation or health, and doesn't cover boundries at all. it is not an exact copy. i will admit i learned to make the gun and the scrolly enemy speed thing from the tutorial though. also the boss was a bitch to make as well.


Very similar game style to DBZ AS chapter1 (that tony of the EXP made a while ago)
I must say though... the dificulty is much greater and the graphics... 10 times better.

Damn you, making great games!!!

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