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I'll be using this engine to write my next game...

Who should I make out the royalty cheques to?

Kwing responds:

Just leave a little thing in the corner that says "Platform Engine by Kwing" or something like that. I don't care.

This isn't like Shift at all.

This is an amazing game, I love it.
It's a really simple Idea that works really well, I can't wait to enjoy the sequel as much as I enjoyed this one :D

AethosGames responds:

I'm glad you see the differences between our games. I am honored to have a positive review from you.


This game reminds me of this game I made... Shore Seige...
Can't you see the similarities?

Coolio-Niato responds:

Dammit EXP, that's between you and me >=3

Cool game

Kind of like a game I played once, Scoramawhatsits or something...

Ahh I'm just kidding. I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the first. Frame rate suffered a bit at some points though, which is odd as theres nothign majorly graphics intensive, unless you've used a tonne of filters or something...

Skeik responds:

Dozens of filters, and the code is very sloppy and lengthy, lol. I took a lot of the perfomance issues out by increasing the frame rate above what it was.

Thanks for the review, I respect your opinion :D

Decade sends his love

"Love you" - Decade

Nice, but.

One of the problems of having it written by so many authors is the multitude of conflicting styles present is sure to confuse the user, for future tutorial collabs I'd recommend setting some ground rules, for example, function definition.
At one point onClipEvent(enterFrame){ is used (and is bad practice in itself) and elsewhere this.onEnterFrame = function(){ . For the novice user this coudl pose a problem. Also the hodgepodge of AS2 and AS3 should be kept separate.
Other than that it is a noble effort, well done.

Depredation responds:

I know what you mean, i hate coding inside the movieclip, but i can't enforce my coding styles on people ;D. Thanks for the review.

I completed scoregamites in 9 days.

The development, not the completing the levels :p
Which means this will have been in development WAY longer.
I'll personally by eating the face of anyone who cries "Rip Off", this game was excellent. Well done!
Fiddly controls, but with a mechanic this complex (and I can personally vouch for it) it's extremely difficult to come up with a decent control system for somethign like this.

Perry responds:

Thank you for vouching for us

I thought i'd be THAT guy

You know the kind, who reviews the game before he could have POSSIBLY have played through it enough to actually have a well formed opinion.
But from what I've played of it so far, I already know it'll rawk.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

you bastard

I'm a huge fan of vib ribbon

Wha!? Coolio, over the last few weeks you've been submitting to the contest every time you sneezed, and this is BY FAR the best submission you've had and its not being entered? I love vib ribbon, it's one of my favourite games on the psx, and you've caught the style just right here, i can see myself playing this all evening, the guy is so cute, and the sybc is just right, as well as having a VR style song go with it. Hats off to you, this game is amazing. 5vd.

Coolio-Niato responds:

Means alot coming from you =) I decided on letting others have a chance at the contest seeing as Ive got like what, 6 games in it alrdy? XD Just so u kno...i dont sneeze THAT often x] Thanks for the review and gl with Ongaku.




and by ripped off I mean created a completely new concept, just with a combo bounce feature, you guys in the other reviews should lay off the Itank comparisons, its nothing like it. FOr one, I think its more fun (I love colour games) i didnt invent combo bounces, the zillion and one "throwing games" did (although they did it badly) and it has little or nothing to compare with Itank other than that.
This game rocks, fivened.

Kabomb responds:

Thankyou. IndestructoTank is one of my fav games, great concept and obviously more succesful than angryfaic. I already had an idea about an angry faic game and I couldn't avoid creating that style of play.

anyway thanks heaps again.


It's been kind of done before, but not to this standard in quality or humour, fivened, KenneyMcKenneyson.

Oh, and the music is awesome too.

Kenney responds:

Your review has been done before, but not to this standard of quality or humour, McEXP.

Oh, and I lik..music...nevermind.

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