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it really scared me, its quite late and i wasn't expecting that. i loved the detail and the quality of the character design. well done

this is the best parody i've ever seen

i think the toof series is SO over rated, i am a fan of it though, i loved you going on about motion tweens, but hey, everyone uses them. the voice was similar the characters were funny. the the was the. over all it was good


i loved how it wasn't a regular fbf, but you had those arrows flying about everywhere, but if you're so good at that animation, you should have refined it to make it perfect, it could hae been the best thing i'veseen for a while if you put in a little more work, but thats just being over critical, it was an amazing little animation.

alot better than some...

but the 'dot' or 'line' going across the screen constantly, its not difficult, spelling things out or drawing things are easy to do in FBF, so its not great, if you want to 'test your skills' try making a character and have him do a load of stuff (you decide what) without him going all out of proportion.

i was worried

this could have been alot worse, and i saw such a small filesize i thought oh heavens, but it was done really well, well done sir


i doubt you could turn this into a series as that wierd guy said, pliskin was good, and i thoughtthat this would have been judging from the was it started, but it became just a bit predictable, pliskin was amazing though


not enough images to make it good, the origional was funny for the sheer amount of images that appeared, the ones you presented were pretty well edited and i liked them but, not enough really.

FireNuke responds:

can i tell you something i hate stupid people , thats why i am relifed to find that the portal police arnt all dumasses. you gave good advice so i might make more soit makes every one happy so thanks bud

fred the monkey?

never heard of it before now, and i use this internet ting pretty often, hey i know you're bitter about this, but be noble in defeat, this was not funny really and i mean, this .com monkey we're speaking of was on wikipedia, thats an acomplishment, so what if its gonan get taken off, its had its time, i'm sure not many people really care.

JKR responds:

For a full explaination about why I made this cartoon (it was not because I was mad they deleted Fred) please see one of my earlier replies.

Sorry you didn't enjoy the cartoon, thanks for the review anyway!

good but one thing i don't understand

why would it require flash player 8 if it was made 2 years ago?

Blips responds:

I opened it with flash player 8, made the preloader it uses now and published as flash player 8. thnx for the review :D

not what i was expecting...

zeitgheist means time ghost in german...

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