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K.O.L.M. needs your help!

Posted by The-EXP - July 28th, 2014

Do you remember K.O.L.M.?

It's still in my opinion the best game I ever made while working on Flash games full time. And now that I want to do that again, my plan is to completley remake the series in a brand new 3D engine. 

Watch the video for the full scoop! If you can back the project, that would be incredible, but if you can't, you could still help me by spreading the word on twitter, facebook, or voting on 

Steam Greenlight Here!

The project is to remake Part 1 and 2 entirely, and finally finish the story off with a brand new Part 3, all in one huge game. Also included is the K.O.L.M.I.A.M. Spin off game in the brand new engine! So plenty of content!

And here is a cool little widget thing for the Kickstarter.

And if you fancy a little nostaliga, here is a link to the original on Newgrounds!


I'll be sure to answer any questions and junk. I hope you're excited by it, because I sure as hell am! You know, unless I don't make it. Then I'll be eating out of garbage cans for a living. NO PRESSURE GUYS!




Comments (20)

Always loved the original 2, and this looks beautiful. If this comes out I'm buying it for sure, I hope it gets on Steam :)

Thanks :)

well i wish the best for you, and lets hope it will be on the big consoles soon!
(ps3 and wii, etc etc and on pc's)

BTW, what K.O.LTM stands for?

reminds me of the G0L3M-mark robot name in madness project nexus which is awesome....

Kind of like the man! ;)

Lookin good. Looks like you'll make the goal. :)

Are you using haxe for the multiple platforms? Good luck either way!!

I'm experimenting with the open fl port of away3d at the moment, isn't technology brilliant :p


Now that I got my fanboy side out of the way, I am super excited for this game. I didn't even know there was going to be a third in the first place. I can't wait to play this! GOOD LUCK!

This was a great comment to read on a stressful day :)

Whoa damn. This really makes me want to have a credit card.

I've just added an option to pledge with Paypal, if that helps :p
But otherwise, spreading the word is also awesome if you can :)

Thanks for the woah damn!

It's a fucking shame, you didn't make it. Hope it won't stop you to K.O.L.M.tinue (bad times need bad puns)
Maybe people didn't crave for the idea of a remake - although just demo.
Cheers, BSE

two things: it was 131.5% more that you needed. not 58% more (referring to your statement in the last update on kickstarter)

and 25k was, imo, too ambitious of a goal for this game. it's very niche. something that appeals to me because i'm the intersectio of people who like this type of game and like K.O.L.M. specifically. it's more niche than your average indie game and $10k would have been the perfect goal. i remember when your kickstarter went up and my first thought was "$25k? that's asking too much"

i know you have to say things like "project is uncertain at this point" because admitting that you'll release it anyway is to admit that you didn't really need the money to make it.

that's absolutely the wrong way to look at it. kickstarter funding goals don't necessarily imply you need that amount of money to make the game. there is the pre-order aspect. you're selling a bunch of copies of the game pre-release. and it's what you feel your time is worth, despite the fact that you can still spend the time without compensation.

focus on steam. how are your greenlight #'s looking? and maybe come at it with a second kickstarter later on with a more realistic funding goal.

if your funding goal had been $15k, you would have made it. there is a serious dropoff in funding when people see that a project won't make it to its goal, so if your goal was lower, you would have raised a little more than you did.

Did you give up? the post said that it "Failed". i would love to see it finished and in 3D. i really enjoyed them as flash.

I really like this demo but since it didn't get enough fund on kickstarter so does that means the game won't be happening and what
happen to the people that actually funded will they get the game or they just get the money back plz reply


Awesome man!

Looks awesome, good luck!

Heyyyyyy Eggy how's it going? This project failed - boo!

Awww no :( Im good I been making sure I work more on my games again. Hows your progress going with new stuff?

Rest in pepperonies Robbie... :(

Shame this never got made.

You got that right, Bro.

will there be K.O.L.M 3? i don't like cliff hanger! i just wanna know what happens to the girl!

Hi there, do you plan on revisiting K.O.L.M 3 again at some point? I know it can be daunting to revisit a project that fell short, but you can learn from your failures and do better. Perhaps sticking with 2D art might be cheaper than using 3D, for example.

@CorgSleep @The-EXP Maybe instead of using Kickstarter, you could try Patreon, Ko-fi, or SubscriberStar instead. It helps to have a plan B when plan A fails.

hello, i know your busy with your main job, but mayby you can still work on it in your spare time. for inspiration, look at how this kickstarter failed https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/482263430/there-is-no-game-wrong-dimension, but he made a game anyway years later https://store.steampowered.com/app/1240210/There_Is_No_Game__Wrong_Dimension/