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William and Sly 2 FTTA

Posted by The-EXP - March 26th, 2012

I decided to take a look at the game nominees page to see what I was up against this year, and decided to play one of the games I've never played before - William and Sly 2.

That was 90 minutes ago, and I've just 100 percented it. I'm a bloated quick fox.

If this game doesn't win the tank award this year, it will be a crime against nature. It has a laser sharp focus that eclipses William and Sly 1 (A good game, technically, but I could never bring myself to finish it). The sequel however is absolutely amazing, and if you haven't played it yet, you absolutely must.

It's one of the best looking, best playing, most technically impressive flash games I've ever played. Play it now!

If I was any kind of artist, I'd be drawing some crazy fan art right now. I had so much fun I just had to write about it, and if any of the judges read this, please play this game through to the end, it really is a piece of art.

Comments (7)

I'ma have to go with William and Sly 2 as well...

I'm sorry, but William and Sly only had pretty visuals for me and it's gameplay was drab, boring, and sometimes a bit unfair. William and Sly 2 suffered from the same problems of being boring and dull for me. I hope William and Sly 2 doesn't win the Tank Award.

Hi friend.

I don't really agree. Especially with your opinion on the graphics. While the backgrounds are beautiful, I have huge issues with the 3D characters. I think they look extremely stiff and lack the personality they would have if they were drawn by hand.

I semi-agree with molkman. I think handrawn characters woulda been nice. I do like however the initiative to really grab a sequel and work it into something new and fresh. Alot of people would have taken the safe route and just played it conservatively on a sequel. Granted the gameplay didnt cross too many new boundaries from its past part, but i guess they wanted to keep the core integrity of it.

Either way i think it made for an interesting sequel.

Wow man, this is so nice of you to say! I never saw this when you posted it.

I gotta say, though, I think there are some better games in terms of gameplay. I'd be suprised if WaS wins...assuming there will actually be any awards, lol.

are you making upgrade complete 3 ?