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KOLMIAM Medal Fun, Shift on Mac AppStore and Upgrade Complete 2

Posted by The-EXP - April 5th, 2011

Hi there, just submitted K.O.L.M.I.A.M. with a boat load of Medals. Why a boat load? Well, I wanted to join in all the fun everyone has been having with Medal Mosaics etc, but I'm not that creative, so the attached pic is the result viewed on one of the reviewers pages, and I think it looks great :D

In other news, Fishing Cactus has released Shift 2 HD for the Mac Appstore, it's really nice, if you want to try it out, it can be found Here!

And last but not least, I've finally finished the grand sequel to Upgrade Complete, and depending on which part you read, it's either called Upgrade Completer or Upgrade Complete 2, I'm afraid I'm not very consistant with titles.
Look for an NG release soon if you want to play it here, I have a feeling it will be medaltastic, now that I'm experienced in setting up lots of medals.

Also I played Bullet Heaven. I liked it. You might like it too.


KOLMIAM Medal Fun, Shift on Mac AppStore and Upgrade Complete 2

Comments (15)

Level 19 felt like a bit much, but I'll probably revisit to finish it off. Interesting way to repurpose that engine and those graphics while still offering something new.

But still, fuck you for level 19 <3

Yes. Level 19 is a massive spike before the ending, though easy if you knwo the right route. Glad you liked it for the most part!

K.O.L.M. I am, green eggs and ham.

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them K.O.L.M. I am.

I started playing, and once I hit level four it started getting really hard.

Fun hard or annoying hard? If the first, thanks, if the second, sorry :(

I never figured out what KOLM stands for, but I think the IAM part stands for "In A Minute".


"Finally, a game that only takes as long as sex!"

Some people say it's Kind of like Magic. Those people are wrong ;)

I upgraderated upgrade complete 2, it was strangely addicting. Did upgrading your avatar take it from a girl to a boy?... nice jab in there.

Thanks, no, you can select if you want Male or female (Male voiced by Egoraptor, Female by Ciyfox)
Also I just picked up the Chibi Knight soundtrack from bandcamp, but I'm having trouble getting the download link to work, I'll tweet you or something.

I know the route, dude :P Everything up until that last stretch fits the difficulty curve of the rest of it - screw up on it once and the proper path becomes clear. But the gauntlet of enemies in the last screen is not something I feel gets much easier with experience. The dropping enemies are extremely touchy to 'fake out'. The guns are firing constantly, and the 'seeker' enemy at the end is probably unnecessary. I only made it to the very last step once, and I bonked my head on the ceiling trying to get into the final gap. I think that's when I closed it :P

But yeah, end rant. It was a good game, don't get me wrong. I will finish it, and I will probably feel all the better about it, having endured the frustration. I'm just yappin' maw, y'know.

You're missing out on the end item that makes you invincible, then it's plain sailing up that route, which I think is almost impossible without invincibility.

Skip to 10 minutes to see, you have to follow the big blue arrow rather than climbing the staircase to the end. Be careful not to watch the video much further though, you're so close to finishing it it would be sad to spoiler.

Ha. You'll never believe what I originally thought K.O.L.M. stood for. I was way off. That's for sure.

Kind of like Michigan?

Hooray for K.O.L.M.

:) THe sequel is going to be very heart renching

Does KOLMIAM stand for:
'Kind Of Like Metroid'? I *AM* METROID!

Who said anything about Metroid?

Kind of like... Metalgear?!

Shit yes.

is it "Kill our lying mother"?

How did you guess that?

I'm not getting the level 20 medal for some reason... I have all the others though ;P
Fantastic game. I can't wait for part 2 of the original

I just played Upgrade Completer, and I have to say the mosaic of an elephant with the medals is spiffy. Creative.

How do you restart upgrade complete without any of the upgrades?