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Level Design Contest! Win $100 for playing my new game :)

Posted by The-EXP - November 16th, 2007

Thats right, check the portal for my latest game, CattlePult!
Included in it is a level editor - and i want to see the best you guys can come up with!
Courtesy of Armor Games, I'm offering $100 to the best level made (see rules below)

Rules for Entry into Official Cattlepult Competition.
Practice before you submit! I will only be accepting 2 entries from each email address.
All entries must be submitted before December 10th.
On december 15th, the 10 best maps will be included in a release of CattlePult known as CattlePult: Players Puzzle Pack, or shortened to "CattlePult PPP"

Of these 10 maps, I will choose my personal favourite, and the Author of this map will receive $100 via paypal courtesy of Armor Games.

I reserve the right to use my discretion in investigating cheaters/copiers, and may ammend or add to these rules at any time


I will be choosing the best level based on on the following criteria.
Difficulty - Maps must be able to be solved in at least one way, and with a puzzling combination of aiming, Bouncers and Chilli Boosters.
The more puzzling, the better.
Size - While the size of the map isn't important, clever use of the whole 15 by 15 grid is recommended.
Complexity - Masterful use of the bouncers and chilli's will be taken note of.

Although a possibility, the chance of two levels in a 15 by 15 grid being the same are minute. Therefore, if two levels with more than a passing resemblance are submitted, the person who submitted their entry first will be give priority in the Prize giving.

No member of Armor Games or Newgrounds staff may participate, although I'd still love to play any levels they make :)

By submitting a level, you are giving permission for the use of the level in a future CattlePult game. If chosen for the CattlePult PPP, you will be given credit for the level design in it's credits section.

To submit:
Email your level code, a brief walkthrough of how to beat the level, your Full Name, age and location, a well as a contact email (if it is different to the one you are using)
to Tony@ArmorGames.com before December 10th. The winner and 9 other maps to be used in the Cattlepult PPP will be announced December 12th.

Good Luck, and hope you enjoy the game!

Comments (6)

Your game was so good, I added it to my favorites and kissed it. The graphics were great, everything was very good. I loved your game. Thanks for making it! :)

I just played the game and finished it.
Wow. Gerat Game.

I've already started to make levels, but it will take a few days for them to be of good standard. I'm definately gonna try this comp.
Sounds really fun. Fantastic stuff.

This is gonna be a good competition.

Hey, where'd my Acne level go? Just because YOU found it hard.

I'm not bitter or anything.

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how u save level? Manual won't open :(