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Indestruc2Tank Finished!

Posted by The-EXP - October 25th, 2007

The game is live on the Armor Games homepage for the next few days as part of a trial to Beta test it.
I've spent a huge ammount of time on it and would love you to play!

Also I'd really appreciate if you DIGG the game, as it helps me out as a developer to get it as well known as possible.

Here's the DIGG link!

http://digg.com/playable_web_games/Ind estruc_2_Tank_Featuring_Bosses_a_Story _Line_and_Medals_to_earn

It will be added to NG in the next few days! Remember to vote 5 when it is :D

Comments (20)

I'm going to play right away :P

Hahah! Nice, I'm there, and you bet you get a 5, indestructo tank 1 owned! So this one will rape :P

*back from the game*

I played the enhanced mode, it's amazing! :o
Although I would've worked a bit more on the default airplane model. I feel like it could be designed a bit better...but maybe that's just me :)...it was really great and worth playing :)

-tries again-

Awesome sequel to a great game. Looking forward to seeing you submit it to this website.

Very nice site.

When's it actually going to be put up? lol

Wow :O

I love it :D

Looks nice mate.

I love this game. Great job :).

lol, love the secret msg :P this game rules!

LOL. I beat adventure mode.

Wow, this is looking really great so far.

Just one small thing, if the boom bar is near the top, but not full, you can still use it. Is this intentional?

It is, once you get feel for it, you can work oout xaclty when you'll have enough boom. The notice is just a reminder..


also i noticed that the bomb that the bombers drop allow you to be bounced up off of the explosion but none of the other bombs allow that. is that supposed to be like that?

that particular bomb gives off a shockwave effect :p

sweet deal :D i thought so, but i couldn't find anyplace that said that so i was confused :P also the miners that come from the right side of the screen don't travel over the ground the same way the ones from the left do

i know - weird or what? And i can't seem to find anythign that causes it either. Its just a visual effect anyway and doesnt affect gameplay...Thanks for helping out though...

holy shit, this game is like, pure sex.

add to newgrounds nao


sounds awesome, i can't wait to play


Junky cow helped you on the art in INDESTRUC2TANK right?

Holy crap, man. Daily Second and Weekly Third (impressive considering some of the other content submitted that week), 250,000 views, and a most likely permanent place in the top ten of all time.
Very great for a sequel, and you most certainly left my flash in the dust. You win after all. ;)

Congrats, man. So what are you planning next?

how do u save track? :(