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Tank Award Result Impressions.

Posted by The-EXP - March 6th, 2009

Congratulations to the winners, who I won't mention in case you haven't seen the Award Video yet,.


Both of the winners I've either spent a bit of time in contact with either stealing characters from for extras in my games or meeting in London. And both seem sharp...

Personally I'm surprised Chronotron didn't make the short list, it being my personal choice, but I guess thats why they didn't pick me as a judge...

Always next year for me though, I guess I'll have to come up with something.

And to be honest I'm brutally dissapointed Tentadrill didn't take home the trophy...
I enjoyed the awards video but a frontpage post to accompany it would be nice, my wife only saw it in the portal by chance. Nice production values too.

Mwah x

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well you are not the only one who is dissapointed about the results...the biggest disappointment for me was the the flashmovie winner...
seriously, what makes this flash better than "there she is" or the "story of khale"???>_>
well my day is fucked up now >_>

Chucks new Tux was one of my few favourite animations of last year (I'm mostly here for the games) but I would have possibly have gone with there she is, but I'm satisfied with the animation result..

Frozen, some of the judges probably will say something about it.
So just wait, take a drink, watch some hentei ;)

I gotta say I'm disappointed the award show wasn't animated... And kinda disappointed with the results...

Happy Harry's short was unquestionably funny and well done but.. it just seemed like some stuff was more deserving... I imagine he won by coming up the middle (the bigger ones got split up between different people and he happened to be on most people's lesser picks or something...)

As for FPA 2 it was a pretty good game but it seemed weird that most of my personal picks weren't on the short list... I have a feeling this was another occurrence of coming up the middle or maybe the big game devs just have crazy parameters.... like a particular variable nomenclature system... or something...

overall disappointing... but at least it introduced me to the works of Waterflame!

You would have been a judge if Tentadrill hadn't been a nominee. :)

I agree that Chronotron was amazing! There were some great games this year so it was a tough race.

If I don't make anything worthy this year for a nomination, I'm going to hold you to that...

I was dissapointed that ::the game:: didn't make the short list, or MGA2 didn't make it to the finals in the movies

if i may say so,

twas a pity, i hadn't played any of the nominee games and i played plenty good ones this year, tentadrill among them (although to be honest i'm surprised that it was picked over Drastic Plastic and Seppukuties - those were amazing and really novel)

The other game judges must've loved Fancy Pants, cos I don't think I even voted for it.

I didn't expect the video to be that- dumb. It makes Newgrounds feel a bit shit.
Chuck's Tux was good.

Go on you loveable rogue, you can tell us who you voted for now :p

Then finish that Goddamn game. I bought a mouse the other week and one of the things that actually crossed my mind when considering buying it was " Now I'll be able to play I-smels game properly"

There's actually about 5 movies and 5 games I'm stuck on deciding what to choose if I was a judge.
I did expect chuck's new tux to win but it deserved it.

I wanted Fancy Pants and Walk In The Woods to win, so I'm glad that one made it. I also enjoyed Tom's unpracticed improvising, but I couldn't stop myself giving him the middle finger when he started mocking us at the end. Stupid hentai dating sims...

I was hoping There she is would of won. Or atleast Dino run.

I'm suprised too about the winners, but even moreso about the finals lists. Alot of great entries which I though that would've won didn't even appear in it. I really want to see the criteria and arguments that the judges used.

are you the experience or the exponent?

The Eee Ecks Pea :p

Tom. Can. Not. ACT. He reminds me of Adam Sandler, allways laughing at himself...minus the funny.

You really think Tentadrill or Chronotron was better than Fancypants!? ZOMG!

Hmm, maybe I'm just a fanboy...

Ahh, you MADE tentadrill! I see. Well, at least you were nominated. :S

LOL,you came close 2 times but still lost.the first one you lost because ng rumble was killing the portal.this tank award year shift was a great game but was kind of boring.but still you came close & i do hope you wan a adward next year.

I hadn't noticed that.. CUUUURSE YOOOU...

Kidding. I Had noticed that :p