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Of Wiggies, Indestructable Tanks and Musical Notes.

Posted by The-EXP - August 2nd, 2007

Whats up, my homies?

Here's another entry of what I'm up to at the moment, badgering away at a few titles.

First, I'm working on my Wiggi Contest entry, a puzzle platformer designed to teach problem solving skills as well as web awareness). So far the games I've seen havent really ticked the boxes of what's required - Thats not to say that I don't think any efforts been put in, I can tell people are working really hard. However, my entry is going to have a tonne of pollish, It's got extremely tight code, is great fun to play for both young kids AND the users of newgrounds (there will be a set of levels for kids and a set of levels for you guys) and I think its owed to the makers of WggiWorld that alot of time and effort be spent on it, cause what they are doing is a really great thing for kids on the net - so stay tuned for my release, coming soon, and vote 5 :p

Second , as ever, work on Indestruc2Tank continues, its going strong and I'm happy with the way its shaping up. Just t tease those of you waiting for it, I've settled on the final design plan.
There will be 4 game modes, and they are as follows:

Classic Mode - A clone of the original Indestructotank, only with rocking hand drawn graphics.

Enhanced Mode - you asked and I listened - this is Indestructotank with as many of the different suggestions you guys offered in as possible (as long as they didn't conflict with each other and weren't utterly ridiculous)

Adventure Mode - This is the mode I'm most excited about - thats right, there will be 3 Levels in different locations, with a fully fledged storyline, all acted out by voice actors of the highest quality, taking place between levels in Metal Gear Style Codec moments. Not only that, but at the end of each stage, there will be a BOSS BATTLE! Rock, Rock on. I'm hoping you guys will have lots of fun with this.

And Multiplayer Mode, where you and a friend can compete on the same screen for combos galore and ultimate bragging rights. Sadly, I don't have the technical expertise to make this online multiplayer, but instead will share the same keyboard (I'm thinking one player using the arrow keys and the other person using A and D.

What do you guys think? I'm still taking suggestions and I'm making note of everyone's who I use to give them a little slot in the credits of the game. So please, leave a comment on this blog post of any of your imaginations workings, and I'll do my best!

Thats all for now, I'll make another post soon. Oh and tell your friends who are interested to read and comment too..It'll be cool to have an output for my thoughts on my projects..

On a closing note, thanks for the great reception ONGAKU recieved, I'm well chuffed to have won first place, and all the great feedback and reviews have really meant alot to me. Thanks go to Dan Mcneely and everyrone at Armor Games, Tom and everyone at Newgrounds, and to Zuby, who was who I worked with on the project..

Speak to you soon - Antony, of The-EXP

Comments (7)

That's enough to give you a boner, amarite? The first Indestructotank was brilliant, but this sounds downright orgasmic. I was going to make a Wiggi based game, but with Clockday right around the corner, I have to focus on one thing at a time. Yours sounds pretty cool, and I look forward to playing it when it comes out.

Hope you enjoy it then... :)
And yes, I've gone through many screen wipes while makin Indestruc2tank... :p

Awesome, I'm so stoked to hear you're making a WiggiWorld game. Can't wait to see it :)

its awesome for sure.

Hmm im not sure what to write about exactly since im working with you on indestruc2tank but still i havent seen enoght of that wiggi game and look forward to.

if you haven't decieded already, PLEASE have options for how many targets are on screen. too many, and slow, crappy PC's won't handle it. Too few, and serious record-breaker people won't have any fun.

Secondly, and more importantly, make the online high scores WORK this time. Maybe it works for other people, but every time I try to submit my score or look at the scores, it loads, and loads, and no matter how long I wait it won't stop loading! Please fix this.

your games are great ive seen them like years ago had no idea what they were then now because of indestructible tank and your other succesful ones i noticed you and now im a fan of yours and really im bored

will IT2 be wii compatable as well? i hope it is but if it isnt it dont matter i still love ur games!