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'Score: 4.36'

You can't be serious... when are you guys going to learn how to vote?

I'm less annoyed than I was last night at 5AM.

Great game, I thought it was pretty funny porn got the first though.

Lawl. That's harsh. Ah well but that sorta thing happens here at NG unfortunately, your sadness is our lols however for this post. So it's not all bad.

You have to admire a guy who really, really knows his demographic.

The inclusion of Samus / Jill Valentine / Misty et al really annoyed me. Its such an obvious attempt to pander to the audience, and it totally worked.

You know what they say, Exp. When you can't beat em, shove your 12 inch cock down Misty's big titted throat.

OMG TONY. You clearly cannot appreciate the artistic value of Super deep throat.

It makes me sad :(

I was thinking the exact same thing, your game seriously made my day and then i realised... Hentai is better? ftw so i had a look, good animation and etc, but really? Porn? lawl MEH who cares though, twas still awesome


lol I have definately made posts like this before.


But you dont understand its SUPER deepthroat.

Anywho, nice work on your game. The portal viewing audience is a weird and horny beast. I think thats the one thing i dread just as im submitting something, is that ill run into a zone sama or one of those other dumb cartoon porn things.

ah welllll

Thanks, I know what you mean, I dread the thought of a "Meet 'n Fuck" game being submitted shortly after I do, one of my main issues is the ammount of technical knowledge thats gone into Super Deepthroat (Can we expect Deepthroat 64?). We have real games now, that rival console games for quality, It just feels like an Orgasm Girl mentality all over again. Like you said though, ah wellll.

The description of your game adds enough points to beat that shit

"You are a broken robot. Fix yourself to please mother".

No justice. I love how SDT's description is just a link to another site.

Hope you get a Monthly, it's one of the funnest games I've played this year.

Yes.this is Newgrounds in the caese thet you didn't come into the site in the last 10 years.

i need a walk through for KOLM. BLARG.

You're best game yet :)

I thought that was the most ridiculously accurate oral sex simulator I've ever encountered.

I gave it a 5 :P


And this is news to you how?

Okay, i played your game now, and i've gotta say, man you better get review's crew pick or something. This is GREAT.

To be fair, it was the best oral sex simulator I've ever played. But your game was good too...

but u gotta admit that simulator is pretty fucking good

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