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Comments (23)

sucks dont buy it

It was a post about the iPhone game, not yo momma!

i loled.
At least you're getting somewhere no?

How did you get flash games to be compatible with and iPhone?

It's parsed from the Actionscript, but a whole boatload needs rewriting, it's not a straight port.

Pretty neat. Would've been neat if you could use the accelerometers to flip the iphone around to shift.
How well do these games convert from Flash to Ipod? Might wanna think about getting Cap'n Zappy iphone meself.

Sometimes you have tho shift like, 3 times in a row in 5 seconds, so accellispinning doesn't play nice, and see above about the converting thing. Sadly the iPhone has no flash player yet...

I luv you and ur gamez

That is a HUGE coincidence because I love you and your games too!

sounds like a load of bollocks to me

Get outta town.

I love you and your games too!
(This is when you reply saying that you love me)

For you I have mixed feelings. You may be attractive, but I'd feel like I was never good enough for you...

does the game not cost anything or the iphone? ill take one of each pls.

Yeah, it's super asy to get a free iPhone, just surf around th web till you see a giant flashing banner. I had to knock three ducks off a track by clicking on them, but I'm still waiting for them to deliver it...

I've always thought you were a shifty character.
(Sorry about the pun).
Yeah, I was never keen on Shift cos I always sucked at it.

I hope you make like... 130 trillion billion dollas.

Meh, past that.Got any umm...I dunno, NEW Shift news?

You and your fancy i-phone port :P Did I hear Shift 4?! You are getting too far ahead.

see that's what i think all ipod apps should be like. (not talking about gameplay but thats good too)

for example if i get amateur surgeon by adultswim on my ipod, not only does it cost me money, but i also get the exact same game that you play on newgrounds.

if i'm gonna pay for an app, it has to be more then the internet version, or i'm just gonna play it at home.

on my shit laggy computer...

You owe me. I was the last person to pass this. :P

I like SHIFT 1, 2, and 3, but 4 seems like an entirely different game. Unlike several others are saying, I don't dislike SHIFT 4 because the series is getting old. I just dislike it because it's no longer a simple game. It suddenly turned into the Great Maze of SSBB, except you've got a time limit, a map without much reference as to where you are, and to top it off, it's the most inconvenient character-switching game I can think of.

Oney's music was quite nice though.

I was wondering if you were gonna put medals on this game. In the game it talks about getting medals, are those just in-game awards or are you gonna add NG medals to it.

I was a bit afraid of Shift 4, since it is no longer 'linear' in the sense that you follow one path and it is sort of clear where you should be going in one room. But with three people? Crazy stuff. I was worried that it would be hard to tell where each person should be headed off to.
But it was good; I adjusted and the rooms seemed to flow well like they did in the previous games.

However, you may want to look at the conclusion a little; shifting in room 23 and heading towards the convenient escape 'thing' causes the sequence to lag like crazy.

Also, no Michael Jackson or anything like that at the end? Pfft.

Ahh! In Shift 4, if you hold left while going through a door, your team warps a square leftwards on the other side (but don't worry, they don't go through objects).
The same goes for right though. And space causes an up warp. Holding shift causes them to all shift, while still remaining the same colour (eg. the door leads to a white room, they shift to the black and remain black).

But the worst bit? Holding ctrl causes your character to disappear from existence and the game to glitch to a standstill.
For this reason, I don't love you any more.
Also, you never called.

Shift4 was awesome heh, loved both endings.

Shift 4 was awesome, but I noticed the medals aren't retroactive like you said. The only "newgrounds" medal I could get was one I hadn't achieve yet (hardmode user maps) showed up after doing that. Everything else wont show up and even if I go do them again they don't show on newgrounds.

Nothing big, just thought I'd let you know something odd with the programming.

oh, and excellent job once again on shift 4.

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